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Alexandria Sturtz

Alexandria grew up eating the most delicious Iowa sweet corn to the detriment of all other vegetables, devouring stories from well-used library books, and skinning her knees playing all manner of sports.

Before she created her own worlds, Alexandria explored this one with her family. She spent summer vacations wandering the monuments in D.C., then over to the Grand Canyon for a hike or two, maybe a swim in the ocean to cool off after. They all gave her a taste for adventure and a vibrant tapestry of culture that led her to strike out into the world on her own.

A mysterious number of years into adulthood and she's lived in six countries, visited more than thirty-five, and has a whole lot more to knock off her bucket list. Currently, she resides in Colombia and teaches elementary and middle school students English as a foreign language. Even though they teach her far more.